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OUr Mission

Soundbird Music's mission is to teach private and group music, songwriting and music production classes for the purpose of creative expression. We want to create a safe place for expression. With the surge of mental health issues music can be a great way to express deeper thoughts and feelings. 

We are currently offering virtual music lessons and group classes as well as in person workshops and classes! Please contact us @ 443-653-1143


"My daughter is taking piano lessons with Adriel and it’s been a great experience for us. The teacher has been very patient, kind, and encouraging with her and she really enjoys the lessons. I wasn’t sure how piano lessons over zoom would go but it’s gone really smoothly. Also, the teacher has been very accommodating with our schedule, which is an issue I’ve had before with other places. I am really glad we chose Soundbird Music for our piano lessons. "

-April H.


"Miss Adriel is amazing! She is always very calm and sweet to me during our lesson. She is patient with me and always helps me if I do something wrong. I love my piano lessons with Adriel."

-Aliyah M


"Adriel has been giving piano lessons to my daughter since the summer of 2020. She's an amazing teacher,  professional, very good with kids, very sweet, inspiring and flexible. I highly recommend her if you have kids and want to give them piano lessons!"

-Nektaria K 


"I had an excellent experience with Soundbird Music. It’s awesome to have so many options to pick from for private lessons (tons of instruments, learn how to write music, etc..) 
My classes were personalized to my learning style... that’s something I really appreciated and it’s hard to find a teacher who cares about their approach and tailors it to the student. 
I began to embrace my creativity during my classes and fell in love with music again. So thankful to have found Soundbird music!!"

-Deborah C


"My experience with Soundbird Music was FANTASTIC!!!!! She taught me how to play the guitar and now I can play the guitar!! I HIGHLY recommend her!!"

-Lydia N


"I spent about three months with Adriel learning 
Guitar. At first I was a little skeptical about receiving guitar lessons virtually. I'm used to face-to-face interactions. But because of Covid we were forced to learn over zoom.  Adriel has done an exceptional job teaching me different exercises and a new songs. If you are new to guitar or need help with brushing up on old skills I definitely suggest contacting her. thank you Adriel."

-Sharif G


"It was awesome to work with Soundboard music. I've been playing for a few years and realized there were some things that would really help my playing. The instruction I received was good, fun, and very helpful. I feel confident recommending songbird as the instruction I received was incredibly helpful as it pertains to both technique and theory. Further, I really appreciated the kindness and patience freely given as I was trying to learn!"

-Robert F